Excursions in Carinthia

Things to do near Lake Millstatt

Quality time with your family is the main priority here. After all, the area around Lake Millstatt has so much for kids to do: activities such as painting river rocks, pony rides and zipping down fun water slides in Döbriach, Millstatt and Dellach will make every child smile.

We recommend:

Heritage Museum in Schloss Porcia Castle

The heritage museum in this beautiful Renaissance castle is not only known for its summer comedic theatre festival, but is also home to an interesting collection of exhibits showing the everyday life and work of farmers and craftsmen.
» www.museum-spittal.com

Sagamundo - The House of Tales in Döbriach

Activate all your senses! Listen and tell, see and create: go on a treasure hunt across three levels - "the underworld", "the earth's surface" and "heaven's garden" - where you will find an interactive playground. Find your hidden potential, let your creativity blossom and rediscover your childlike wonder.
» www.sagamundo.at

The Granatium in Radenthein

Visitors to Radenthein become treasure hunters - at the Granatium you will find gems and lots of interesting information. Go through the tunnels to reach the mines where you can use the tools provided to find valuable garnets. This is a unique interactive experience that is also suitable for people with disabilities.
» www.granatium.at

Pay the marmots a visit

Situated at 1,860 m above sea level, the Pfandlhütte has a special museum dedicated to marmots. This fascinating exhibit gives you a closer look at the mountain world and the life of these comical animals daily from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm.
» www.biosphaerenparknockberge.at


At some sights you can get a discount with the "Kärnten Card".

Sunset in the alps with view on Lake Millstatt