Two sheep
At the Animal Village.
Stroke, feed & cuddle the animals.
Animal-loving. Close to nature. Adventure-packed.

Animals & baby animals

A farm is a world where people and animals live alongside one another in harmony. You can get to know this world during your holiday here with us at the Familiengut Burgstaller. Numerous animal inhabitants roam free here at the farm and in the Animal Village, always enjoying strokes and cuddles!

Hares, alpacas, donkeys, goats, sheep, hens, five mini Shetland ponies, Murboden cows, horses and birds:  there are plenty of animals and baby animals to discover across our 30,000 ² farm site. Our animals are hand-tame and always enjoy a gentle stroke or being fed. Guests of all ages can spend time watching the lively flocks of animals.

On the Pony Farm, our younger guests can get to know the sweet mini Shetland ponies and stroke their manes. Those who wish to recline and relax in the garden can listen to the many native bird species singing and chirping. 40 bird houses are hidden away in the trees and bushes. In the petting zoo, a wide range of animals await their visitors. All have their own home where they can withdraw if they need some rest. Here at the Familiengut, we stand for loving and careful interaction with our animal friends and we convey this message to our guests.

Alpaca herd

Our world of animals.

In the Animal Village, animal well-being is the focus. Our animals at the Familiengut love children and are always keen to be stroked.  But simply watching some of the less hand-tame animals, such as the quails, is also an experience in itself. The animals can be themselves, retreat, sleep and rest whenever they want. The chickens in the CasaChicken, the alpacas at the AlpacaPark, the hares at the CasaHare, the mini Shetland ponies at the Pony Farm and the quails in the QuailHide. Just like our guests who can relax in their room at the Familiengut.  Everyone benefits from this harmonious togetherness!

Feel free to contact us at any time for more information about the experiences on our farm!