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Riding lessons at the Familiengut.

Horse riding is a truly special experience on holiday. You do not need to be an experienced rider – anyone can learn. Especially at the Familiengut Burgstaller. Initially on the lunge and then on the track – followed by a first ride out around Lake Millstatt.

Horse riding is a skill which anyone can acquire and which the horses enjoy too. There is plenty of time on holiday and so it is ideal that we have a competent riding instructor on hand to help our guests at the Burgstaller riding hotel by Lake Millstatt. Learning the basics of horse riding on our well-behaved ponies and riding horses takes is the perfect experience during your holiday.

Our team is your number one contact when it comes to horse riding at the Familiengut. It all begins with an hour on the lunge where the basics of sitting in the saddle are explained. Those who feel confident can then move onto the track. Walk, trot, canter. Stop. Giddy up! And before you know it, you will feel good up in the saddle!

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Horse adventures.

Farm holiday and riding.

Beginners, experienced riders, children (aged 6 and above) and adults will all find what they are looking for on a horse-riding holiday at the Familiengut Burgstaller. Newcomers to the saddle will start off with an initial hour’s lesson on the lunge. This will be followed by group lessons on the track and then that much longed-for first ride out. The idyllic setting around the hotel with Lake Millstatt and the gently rolling Nockberge mountains are ideally suited to a wonderful time under the open skies on horseback thanks to the numerous bridle paths. Those who wish can explore the surroundings in our own carriage: exciting for children – romantic for couples.

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Book a riding lesson.

The riding lessons at the Familiengut are very popular with our guests on holiday. We therefore recommend booking your riding lesson with your room booking. We would happily accept any enquiries by email at or by phone +43 676 7841 780

Please note that 100% of the total cost will be charged for any booked lessons which are not cancelled up to 1 day (24 h) before the start time. Sunday day off - Riding stable opening hours: 08:00 - 17:00. Horse riding is available exclusively for our hotel guests.

Lunge lessons à 30 Min. € 33,-
Horseback riding (for advanced) à 50 Min. € 35,-
Railway lessons à 50 Min € 33,-
Ponytrail (led by a parent) à 30 Min. € 19,-
Pony trail (led by the riding instructor) à 30 Min € 28,-

Pony guided tour:

The pony guided tour always takes place during the opening hours of the riding stables. It can be booked directly through our riding instructor.

Two ponies look out of the box