The Gutsmeierei

A festival for friends and guests of the Familiengut

In autumn, we would like to celebrate the 1st Burgstaller Gutsmeierei. The indulgence festival should take place at our Familiengut between October and November and in addition to our guests, will delight friends and visitors from the village and region. Our spacious grounds are transformed into a culinary mile: The motto is: Stroll through, have a taste and let us tell you about the products.

A Culinary Mile

Countless tables and stands with regional delicacies from the Familiengut and from our suppliers will line the street. From cheese and bacon, to wine and schnaps to potatoes and chestnuts - as well as goodies from the Familiengut - all possible specialities of Carinthia are on offer. Cosy fire pits and house music will provide an atmospheric setting. In addition to this, bite-sized canapés for tasting will be served by our service personnel.

A Festival for all

This festival should be a good commonality of regular guests, a kind of thanksgiving and indulgence festival. Our own small festival at the Familiengut with plenty of good food, friends and music - our first Gutsmeierei. We have set out to end the year 2021 with a festival in autumn, even if it will be a challenging year. We will then announce an exact date during the summer of 2021 and are staying brave and optimistic.

Pasta dish at the family farm in Carinthia