Culinary at the family hotel in Carinthia

Best products from our own or nearby farms

Our kitchen team will spoil your taste buds and make gourmet food fans' hearts skip a beat. We produce many ingredients here on our own farm. The products we purchase are local in order to guarantee their freshness and quality. By the way, both our farm and our hotel are ecologically-friendly.

From regional treats and international specialities to health foods, we serve up everything that is healthy, good and delicious. A glass of fine wine complements your meal perfectly.


Enjoy your food with a clean conscience - with products from the Burgstaller garden. Guests young and old can fill up on vitamins and minerals with home-grown fruit and veg.

Regional natural products

"Light, garden-fresh, natural and prepared with lots of love and skill" is our kitchen team's motto. Not only do our chefs use products from our own farm and gardens, they also source fresh goods from local farms.

Our beef comes predominantly from our own farm (our animals spend five months in our alpine pastures). Lamb and pork, as well as seasonal fruit and vegetables, are delivered from local Carinthian farms.

Cuisine at Familiengut Burgstaller

  • Beef and pork: from our own farm, among others
  • Chicken: from Austria
  • Game: regional huntig grounds 
  • Fish: from the "Kärnten Fisch" fishery in Feld am See and Lake Millstatt
  • Milk and dairy products: from Austria with the AMA seal of quality
  • Cheese: from the "Kaslab´n Nockberge"
  • Eggs: from Marktl Farm in Gnesau 
  • Potatoes and seasonal vegetables: from our farm
  • Austrian beers and wines - including apple frizzante!

You can find out more about our regional suppliers here.

Dessert treat at the Familiengut