Regional Products & Suppliers

Regional products on holiday in Carinthia

As much food as possible is produced at the Familiengut. The ingredients for this come from products of our own cultivation. This characterises our Carinthian gourmet cuisine - that's quality that you can taste.
Alongside seasonal delights, goodies from all around the world, also find their way onto our plates here. What we can't produce ourselves, we buy from regional suppliers. For us and our head chef Stefan Kerschbaumer, it is a matter close to our hearts to work with regional products. We support the local farmers and suppliers, and in doing so keep our transport routes short and ensure food diversity in the region.

Our Products and Suppliers

We predominantly source beef from our own farm. Our Murboden cows spend five months on the alpine pasture in summer. We source chicken, mutton and pork from Nockfleisch, which only sells meat from Carinthian farmers.

Potatoes as well as seasonal vegetables, salad and fruit come from our own fruit and vegetable gardens. Fine herbs for unforgettable aromas also come from our own cultivation - our herb garden.

Eggs are supplied to us by the Marktl Farm in Gnesau. The family establishment attaches great importance to modernity, animal-friendly husbandry and the latest technology. GMO-free food and personal commitment for the well-being of animals, guarantees the best quality.

Shoots - powerful vegetable seedlings - are obtained from the Ottingerhof in Bad Kleinkirchheim. The organic farm uses only certified organic seed from compostable natural fibre mats. The absence of pesticides, fertilisers or other chemical aids generates valuable ingredients such as nutrients and vitamins.

The cheese is sourced from the Kasab'n Nockberge in Radenthein. There, organic cow and goats pasture milk is processed into tasty dairy products such as cheese. Seasonality and quality are always the focus of the products.

We get fresh fish, fillets and smoked products from Kärnten Fisch, a high-quality farm with natural ponds in Feld am See. The unparalleled taste is generated by the natural keeping of the fish. Besides this, we also purchase fresh, tasty whitefish from the local fishermen - freshly caught right out of the Lake Millstatt.

We get wild game according to the season from the village hunters at the regional hunting grounds in the Nockberge Mountains. From deer, chamois or red deer, our kitchen team conjure up fine dishes that will tantalise your taste buds.

Prosciutto on a wooden platter and bread from the Burgstaller family estate