Green electricity at family vacation Carinthia

In-house power generation at family hotel Burgstaller

Since August 2014 we have produced most of the electricity that comes from our sockets. Our hydropower station produces approx. 50 KW per hour, thereby covering 70% of our Familengut consumption. When our consumption is less, we supply bio-electricity.

Move more

In the near future we will be able to produce all of our electricity ourselves. To do so, wood-powered electricity and photovoltaic systems will be the pillar of our own small energy revolution. But we do much more than just this: you can use e-bikes and e-scooters and can also recharge your e-car at our e-solution power station.

Heat naturally

For ten years, our rooms and the entire establishment have been heated exclusively by a wood-chip heating system. The wood comes from our own forests. To ensure that this remains sustainable, we plant thousands of saplings each year. This is our contribution to maintaining a healthy, intact mixed forest.

In addition to our own power supply, we are also committed to a sustainable family vacation in other areas. Find out more here!

Adi Burgstaller showing environmentally supply of energy