Sustainability at the Familiengut Burgstaller

Family Resort and Farm at the Lake Millstatt

The Burgstaller sustainability principle is easy to explain

Everything, that we can produce ourselves, we produce from a biological and ecological point of view. We work with heart, understanding and a lot of knowledge about farming and forestry, hunting, animal welfare, and sustainability. This is reflected in everything that you can use and enjoy together with us. And what you do with love, is known to last the longest. Natural and real.

Natur everywhere you look

Pure nature is everything you find on a plate at the Family Hotel Burgstaller in Carinthia - “Garden fresh on the table”, is our motto. We run an environmentally-friendly farm, heat sustainably with wood chips and we think about tomorrow. So that you can enjoy your holiday today. And here the energy grows back - because each year we plant around 1,000 new trees!

Grazing with Glee

During the summer months, our cows enjoy eating alpine herbs the most.

The rest of the year they settle for autumn wheat or with the pen. Our horses look forward to every ride in the local area. The rabbits, guinea pigs, goats and sheep prefer staying close to the house and the stable.

Ecological Growing

Fruit, vegetables and herbs of a top quality grow right in front of our hotel. From apples to sweet chestnuts, from lamb's lettuce to tomatoes and from lovage to mint, there's a lot growing in our own garden. The best ingredients are freshly picked for our traditional dishes and culinary delights.

Down-to-earth Work

The fruits of nature will be processed. From the regional Carinthian grain, we bake crispy bread. In the smokehouse, our bacon and house sausages mature. And our own Murboden beef and Nockalm meat tastes natural and unadulterated.

With everything that our farmhouse ath the Lake Millstatt has to offer, you will be well looked after during a stay at the Familiengut Burgstaller!

Herb garden at a hotel