Garden & Lounge

Pure nature in Doebriach

The sweet scent of balm and lavender

The warm summer wind wafts the gentle scent of balm, lavender and roses through the 30,000 m² garden of our hotel. Swing gently back and forth in our luxurious hanging chairs. This is a moment of peace that belongs to you and you alone. Feel the grass under your bare feet, and listen to the sweet singing of birds and the tranquil bubbling of our old stone fountain.

Secret outdoor places

We have created countless places for sun worshippers and fresh air fans to relax in the Familiengut garden.

In the shade of the old trees, between blades of grass gently swaying in the wind, surrounded by the fragrant air of the farm garden or at our heated swimming pool - comfortable outdoor furniture, high-quality swinging wicker chairs and seating areas with lovely cushions and pillows invite you to relax and stay awhile.


As the sunniest state in Austria, exotic plants thrive in the mild, Mediterranean climate near Lake Millstatt. Be inspired while observing the flowers on a walk through the hotel garden. Beautiful rose gardens, lush rhododendron, soft flower-filled meadows, knotty apple trees, geraniums, phlox, crane's bills, espalier fruit, red currants, palms and more are spoiled by the fresh, healthy mountain air and cultivated by hand. Furthermore we cultivate a farmhouse fruit and vegetable garden.

Garland of Roses at the Family Estate in Carinthia