Vegetable garden at the Familiengut Burgstaller

Fruit & Vegetable Garden at the Lake Millstatt

The old vegetable garden with heaps of tradition

As a centuries-old, trusted tradition, natural and unpolluted vegetables of the highest quality grow in our vegetable garden.
Juicy rhubarb, crunchy salad, sharp radishes, delicious cucumber, healthy carrots and seasonal top-quality products are freshly harvested for you each day. Our kitchen team prepares true culinary delights from our products. It is really something quite special, when you can marvel at the vegetables still in the garden in the morning and find them on your plate in the evening. We are particularly proud of our countless self-produced products. And what we can't harvest ourselves, we get from chosen supply partners in the region.




Our Fruit Trees

In the summer months, sweet apricots, soft peaches, fleshy plums, crunchy pears, rosy apples and tempting bush fruits ripen to a fresh and natural quality.

In addition to this, there are a lot of fruit varieties that we would like to preserve in the extensive garden of our hotel in Döbriach that you can rarely find anywhere else.  Help yourself, whenever you feel like it, as sometimes a single juicy apple that hangs low enough to be secretly picked, is enough to make you very happy. In autumn, we welcome countless energetic harvesters. Our harvest time is a highlight for many children, where they can discover fruit, which many only know from the supermarket shelves, from a completely new perspective. It is a great feeling, to be able to watch the fruit grow all summer long and then to courageously bite into it in autumn or to make it into a fine jam.

But this is just a small part of our vast garden area.

Branches from the tree at the Burgstaller family estate in Carinthia