Organic garden at Familiengut Burgstaller

Fruit & Vegetable Garden

The old farmhouse garden

With its old wooden fence and the crunching sound made by feet on the gravel path, our organic farm garden feels like a relic from the past - and it is! Natural and organic food of the highest quality grows here, in keeping with the centuries-old tradition of our garden.
Juicy rhubarb, fresh lettuce, spicy radishes, delicious cucumbers, healthy carrots and the top seasonal products are harvested fresh each day.

Old fruit trees

In the summer months, pesticide-free, natural quality fruit such as sweet apricots, soft peaches, succulent plums, crisp pears, bright red apples and fresh fruit from vines and bushes grow in our sprawling gardens.

So dig in - sometimes one juicy apple hanging just low enough to be secretly picked is all it takes to make you happy.

But this is just a small part of our vast garden area.