Spa with the family

Wellness area at Familiengut Burgstaller

Our "Himmelreich" area is for relaxing

Peace returns when we find ourselves. This peace is what you will find in our "Himmelreich". We have chosen the name purposefully - "Himmelreich" means "heavenly kingdom" in English - because you will be a little closer to heaven on the top level of our hotel. And because the idea of the sky and the heavens in its infinity is often portrayed in radiant royal blue, it invokes a sense of tranquillity in all guests.

Celtic tree circle

The Celts were very connected to nature. Trees had a special importance. Each tree had its own characteristics.

Find your tree of life in the Celtic tree circle that embodies both form and function in our "Himmelreich". 

  • Salt lounge with library                                       
  • Infrared cabin with salt steam                                       
  • Celtic tree circle
  • Tea bar with a selection of specially-chosen teas
  • Massages (for an additonal fee)
  • Body and facial treatments (for an additional fee)
  • Manicures and pedicures (for an additional fee)

Discover our massages and wellness treatments for your very own little time out in the Himmelreich.

The perfect combination to relax is a massage with a visit in our sauna area.

Wellness area