Summer holidays with the family

Summer is calling

Sunny summer days

Your inflatable raft drifts across the surface of our sun-heated pool. Completely relaxed, you glide across the water and watch the moving shadows being cast by the beech and birch trees gently swaying in the summer wind.

Enjoy the shining sun for a few more minutes, then head to the edge of the pool where our comfortable outdoor furniture including flexible sun sails, spa lounge chairs and white sun umbrellas await you - oh, and don't forget a cool drink, of course.

At home outdoors

As the most southern state in Austria, Carinthia enjoys the highest number of sunny hours annually.
Summer means long days at the lake, refreshing horseback rides through the cool forest and lounging in the shade of the trees in the hotel garden on warm summer evenings.
To make sure you can enjoy our Mediterranean climate to its fullest, we are happy to serve all meals outdoors. How better to start a day on holiday at Lake Millstatt than with a breakfast in the sunshine? 

Insider's tip

The sprawling gardens of our family hotel have plenty of hidden places where you can enjoy your favourite book with a fresh cup of coffee with cream and a homemade apple strudel with vanilla ice cream. A great hideaways is also our fruit and vegetable garden.

Under a starry night sky

Thanks to the exceptional air quality and temperate weather, you will see spectacularly clear starry night skies in Carinthia. Star gaze from your balcony with a glass of red wine or treat yourself to a cocktail on the hotel terrace while you take in a beautiful summer night.

Hanging chair in the garden of the Burgstaller family estate in Carinthia