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The Burgstaller Alm.

In Döbriach at Lake Millstatt, spring slowly transitions into early summer at the end of April.  The barn swallows return back home from their long journey from the south. The last April showers fall - and nature blossoms in the fine Mediterranean climate of Carinthia, unfolds and shows its boldest and most beautiful colours. During this time, the cows in our open-air barn at the Familiengut Burgstaller start to get restless. They instinctively feel, that the time has come for their hike to the alpine pasture.

It is a centuries-old tradition that we continue here at the Familiengut Burgstaller. In the valley, the brass band starts to play, for the dance into the first of May. Then the whole family helps to drive the cows and cattle to our alpine pasture ceremoniously. This beautiful location is the summer residence of our field animals, their home for the next days, weeks and months. Here up above, they can breathe in the good, strong mountain air, roam freely, comb every inch of the nutritious alpine herbs and enjoy the peace and quiet that can only be found on the mountain.

Man feeds cowsHerd of cows
To the “Wolfelt”

Tradition since 1810

From May to September, the Murbodner cattle from our own rearing at the Familiengut Burgstaller on the Lake Millstatt are high up on our alpine pasture - also known as the “Wolfelt”. The alpine pasture has been in our family since 1810 and is still intensively used for cattle breeding and forestry. The tradition, to drive the cattle up to the mountain and later back again with celebrations, is deeply rooted in the region and firmly belongs in the rhythm of our life in the country, with nature.  Far up above, the animals taste a real piece of freedom. Even though, they have plenty of exercise here in the open-air barn, it is something totally different for them to be on the mountain. Happy and free among the tasty grass.

SheepAlpaca herd
The Farmyard Summer

Animal summertime.

While our Murbodner cattle enjoy the clear mountain air on the alpine pasture, our other animals also look forward to the warm season, plenty of fresh air, running around and countless lovely encounters with our guests. Old and young animal lovers can meet soft alpacas, sweet mini ponies, playful guinea pigs and tame rabbits. The goats get excited about the freshly picked dandelions and an occasional cuddle. Our horses are full of energy in their spacious stable and can hardly wait to gallop through the nature surrounding the Lake Millstatt. A summer full of animals - a summer full of adventure, fun and nature.

Convince yourself of the hustle and bustle on our farm and inquire now about a stay at the Familiengut Burgstaller.