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Take a journey back in time with the Burgstaller family

Take a journey back in time with the Burgstaller family

The Familiengut Burgstaller stands for fun, easy-going family holidays in Austria at Lake Millstatt near the Nockberge National Park. Here you will find the best combination of tradition and innovation.

Over the centuries and with plenty of love, we have created a family hotel that is dedicated to nature. The combination of hotel and farm is the perfect setting for what is probably the most exciting holiday resort in the heart of Carinthia.

Do you know the feeling of being in a completely new place and suddenly feeling a deep connection to the beautiful surroundings, the pure scent of the deep-blue lake or the old, sun-baked wooden beams supporting buildings that are steeped in history?

It is a peaceful and familiar feeling - as if you have finally arrived home after a long journey.

Many of these places have the subliminal magic of memories and it is not without reason that picturesque Döbriach, boasting 1,000 years of history and a superb location on the banks of the legendary Lake Millstatt, is considered a historical and scenic gem.

At Familiengut Burgstaller you will experience a family vacation that brings you closer to nature.

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