Winter exterior view of the Burgstaller family estate
The Familiengut Burgstaller.
Holiday & discover naturally.
Adventure. Pleasure. Free space. Families.

Hotel & History

The Familiengut Burgstaller in Döbriach harmoniously combines a hotel resort with a farm and agriculture, and centuries-old tradition with modern innovation, regionalism, sustainability and quality. Nature, adventure, relaxation and pleasure are waiting for you on 30,000 m². Free space for families, friends and couples. A place for special days on holiday close to the Lake Millstatt.

The Burgstaller family hotel has been growing over the decades. It all started around 500 years ago as a small farm on the Lake Millstatt. Today, the Burgstaller family upholds tradition and continues to manage its own farm and alpine pasture, in combination with the benefits of a comfortable, cosy 4* hotel. The top priorities have always been the close connection to nature and the region, as well as sustainable business practices.

The Familiengut Burgstaller lives from the harmonic combination of the hotel and farm. There is a very clear focus on nature everywhere here - a fascinating world of its own is waiting for you, in 30,000 m² garden of the hotel resort with an adventure horse farm, animal village with petting zoo, tennis, mini golf and garden play area, where unforgettable moments of adventure, enjoyment and relaxation are created. Free space for old and young. On top of that, the Lake Millstatt is located nearby and the Nockberge Mountains are right on your doorstep - where you can enjoy countless active and relaxing moments in the fresh air. An ideal place for your vacation on our farm. We look forward to your inquiry.

Burgstaller family coat of arms
Rich in history.

Innovation & tradition.

The special thing about the Familiengut Burgstaller, is that a valuable link between tradition and the future is also provided, thanks to the combination of the modern hotel and farm. In the historic farm, whose sun-tanned old wooden beams tell of several decades past, we work in the barn and in the field, in the same the way that it also used to be - with our own hands. We do everything that we can ourselves. The keyword is sustainability, as our Familiengut stands for a natural, ecological business following nature's rhythm. For example, we have our own power station and wood chip heating system. Present-day, which is the future.

Your host, Adi Burgstaller

Farmers & Hoteliers.

With the Familiengut Burgstaller on the Lake Millstatt, we have created a place, which has its own fascination. The hotel and farm together with our 30,000 m² garden area are located in the centre of the idyllic Döbriach. We are farmers and hoteliers with passion. Here, guests are immersed in a nature-oriented rural life, with its own vegetable and herb garden, potato fields, stable, petting zoo and much more. You can, however, enjoy all the benefits of a modern and comfortable hotel with the 3/4 gourmet board, fine wellness area and cosy rooms at the same time. A connection, which presents families with an extraordinary home away from home and makes a wonderful break for couples. With pleasure. Relaxation. And plenty of nature.

Hosts & Reflections