Familiengut Burgstaller - Hygiene measures

Have a hassle-free holiday at the 4* family hotel on Lake Millstatt

Good & hygienic for families

10 naturally good reasons to take a holiday at Familiengut Burgstaller:

Naturally welcome ⮞ Socially distant but warm check-in

Naturally hygienic ⮞ Rooms disinfected after every stay, disinfection dispensers throughout the hotel

Naturally distant ⮞ social distancing

Naturally open ⮞ 400 m² garden per room

Naturally healthy ⮞  We continue to offer a lot of our own produce or from nearby

Naturally fun ⮞  Childcare in small groups and lots of activities in the nature still

Naturally informed ⮞ Well-informed employees will be happy to help you at any time

Naturally relaxed ⮞  For your safety, visits to the sauna must be reserved in advance

Naturally served ⮞ More service and preparation of many dishes in front of guests at the buffet à la minute

Naturally amusing ⮞ We will make sure our guests can continue having fun

Familiengut outside view