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Massages & Cosmetics at the Familiengut.

When you arrive at the “Himmelreich” wellness area at the Familiengut Burgstaller, you can finally let go - of everyday life, of stress, of tension. With soothing massages and cosmetic treatments, you feel as if strength and balance are spreading throughout your body. Whether it's a classic massage, Ayurveda or Lomi.

During your wellness trip at the Hotel-Resort Burgstaller in Carinthia, you can be pampered with relaxing massages and body treatments in the Himmelreich. Our offer of wellness treatments includes both classic massages and special massages, Ayurveda, baby and kid's massages, manicures, pedicures and numerous peels.

For our massages, we only use a selection of natural cosmetics from AROMA DERM. Thanks to the high-quality, natural ingredients, your skin will glow and feel pleasantly supple and smooth after the treatment. In addition, the essential oils provide a fresh, incomparable scent.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or would like more information about our range of cosmetics and massages.

All treatments are specially adapted to your needs. We will be happy to advise you on site about our entire range of treatments for your personal wellness moments.

Joachim Special
Raindrop Technique by Young Living
80 min. | € 120,-

The feet and back are treated with 9 essential oils. It has a detoxifying and purifying effect.

Classic full body massage
50 min. | € 70,-

It is used for pain in the entire musculoskeletal system. But also for relaxation. It leads to improved blood circulation in the muscles and thus to pain relief or freedom from pain. It also has a deep relaxing effect on the physical and mental level. 

Partial massage
25 min. | € 35,-

Individual massage for individual body regions.

Lymphatic drainage
30 min. | € 40,-

Gently drains congestion from the tissues. Supports the return of lymph fluid and the venous system.

Face lymphatic drainage
25 min. | € 35,-

Relaxing grips and strokes on the face a true relaxation miracle after a stressful day. 

Aroma massage
50 min. | € 75,-

A light and gentle full body massage with aromatic oil. Depending on the oil mixture, it has an invigorating or calming effect. 

Combination massage
50 min. | € 70,-

Partial massage followed by a foot reflexology massage.

Relaxing massage
50 min. | € 73,-

Relaxing full body massage combined with hot stones.

Foot reflexology
25 min. | € 32,-

Relaxing massage for the feet. Has a reflexive effect on the internal organs.

Children's body massage
20 min. | € 25,-

The children will love this relaxing and gentle massage.

Massages for babies and kids
Full body massage kids
20 min. | € 25,-

What's relaxing for adults is also great for children. This gentle massage includes fragrant vanilla and lavender oils.

Baby massage
15 min. | € 15,-

This gentle massage is great for relieving bloating, restlessness and growth stress.

Soothing facial treatments
Classic Luxus
90 min. | € 92,-

Classic pampering facial treatment:
cleansing, scrub with Vapozon, purification of blemishes, ampoule, brow tweezing, massage and special mask for face, neck and décolleté, hand wrap, eye serum, final care/moisturiser.

Relax package
60 min. | € 70,-

Intense care and deep relaxation for the skin: 
cleansing scrub with Vapozon, massage, cream wrap.

Clear face
60 min. | € 70,-

Intense cleaning or acne treatment, enzyme scrub, purification of blemishes, high-frequency wand treatment, ampoule, medicinal clay or mud mask.

Men active
80 min. | € 85,-

Cleansing, scrub with Vapozon, purification of blemishes, eyebrow tweezing (upon request), ampoule, massage, special mask, eye serum.

Men basic
60 min. | € 70,-

Cleansing, scrub with Vapozon, cream wrap, massage, final care/moisturiser.

Clean & pure
35 min. | € 45,-

Cleansing, peeling, optional facial massage or mask, finishing care/day cream.

Piccolo (up to 15 years of age)
35 min. | € 35,-

Feel-good facial treatment for kids and teenagers.

Clear Face Teenie (up to 15 years of age)
60 min. | € 60,-

Cleansing, enzymatic peeling and professional cleansing of the pores, high-frequency wand, ampoule, healing earth mask, finishing care/day cream.

Cosmetic Classics
Eyelash dye
€ 10,-
Eyebrow dye
€ 10,-
Shaping eyebrows
€ 10,-
Face massage
20 min. | € 20,-
€ 12,-
Beauty extra
€ 20,-

Eyelash/eyebrow dying and eyebrow shaping.

Beautiful eyes
30 min. | € 30,-

Special mask for beautiful eyes. Lifting mask for delicate eyes – you'll notice the effects immediately.

COMBINATION Beauty extra & beautiful eyes
50 min. | € 50,-

Eyelash/eyebrow dying and eyebrow shaping. Special mask for beautiful eyes. Lifting mask for delicate eyes – you'll notice the effects immediately.

Groomed hands
€ 45,-
Manicure with varnish
€ 50,-
Hand pack with hand massage
25 min. | € 26,-
Manicure Deluxe
60 min. | € 65,-

With hand and nail wrap in warming gloves.

Kiddy Manicure
30 min. | € 27,-
Nail design for kids
20 min. | € 15,-
Depilation with warm wax
Leg to knee
€ 35,-
Entire leg
€ 50,-
Upper lip
€ 10,-
€ 25,-
Back and chest
€ 45,-
Bikini area
€ 25,-
Apparatus and special treatments
45 min. | € 60,-
60 min. | € 85,-

Massaging in active ingredients

90 min. | € 110,-
60 min. | € 95,-
90 min. | € 125,-
110 min. | € 145,-
Fruit acid peeling 10%/20%
45 min. | € 55,-
60 min. | € 75,-

Massaging in active ingredients

90 min. | € 95,-

With ultrasound and special mask

Ultrasound treatment (extra charge)
€ 8,-

for the introduction of active substances

Ultrasound treatment incl. ampoule (extra charge)
€ 15,-

for infiltration with active ingredients, incl. ampoule 

Eyelash lift
60 min. | € 60,-
Permanent Makeup
€ 190,-
€ 20,-