A farm for rural living.
In nature & with nature.
Familiengut. Farm. Time in nature.

Animal Village.

The Familiengut Burgstaller started out as a farm some 550 years ago (1475). Rural living and agriculture are still a fixed part of who we are today. We love working in nature and engaging with the animals. Guests of all ages are welcome to experience this part during their stay.

One farm, one family

The Familiengut is a cosy and modern hotel resort – but it is still a farm at heart. It encompasses fields, forests, meadows, pastures, gardens and our farm and animals. A lot of work is involved but we are not just hosts; we are also passionate farmers. We are continuing the work of centuries. We till fields, we live according to the rhythm of nature and we harvest the fruits of our labour. And it gives us great pleasure to share this life on the farm and on the fields with our guests.

Our farm: where everything began.

Our farm at the Familiengut in Carinthia consists of a stables with Murboden cattle, our own riding arena, an Adventure Horse Farm and our Animal Village.
There is also a vegetable garden, a herb garden and fruit orchard. This year, we have added a small snacks garden with raspberries, strawberries and currants. Our meadows and fields are a source of hay for the animals on our farm. The Burgstaller Alm also forms part of our farm and serves as a ‘summer residence’ for the cattle. Sustainability has been part of our ethos for centuries. Each year, we plant between 500 and 1000 new trees as part of our afforestation process.

Alpaca herd
Two ponies in the meadow
Two sheep
Among the animals.

Insights into the Animal Village.

  • CasaHare: petting the bunnies
  • CasaChicken: for our various chicken species
  • GoatZoo: goats to stroke and feed
  • AlpacaPark: incl. donkey visit
  • QuailHide: watch the birds
  • MiniShetlands: at our pony farm
  • Horses, Haflingers at the riding stables
  • Here you can learn how to handle the animals correctly
  • Tractor ride with Adi – in summer
  • Out in the open air with lots of room for all the family
From nature to you.
30,000 m² Familiengut.
Natural environment. Rural living. Adventure time.
Goat enclosure with witch house as stable
Beach volleyball court at the Familiengut in Döbriach
Herb garden of the Familiengut Burgstaller
Chickens in search of food
Girl is led on pony
Being outside.

A farm is a place where time stands still for a while. As the world moves at a fast pace, here many things are still done in the same way as they always have been. In close contact with animals, by hand in the fields, outside in nature. No time for TV or looking at a phone screen. The farm is always about the here and now. And it’s the same with any holiday with us on our farm in Austria. Out and about, getting muddy, jumping in puddles, stroking the animals, letting off steam. Exactly what kids need because that’s what being a child is all about – how it should be, without any distractions - simply letting go.

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Petting zoo
Life on the farm.

During a holiday at the Familiengut Burgstaller by Lake Millstatt, you can gain an insight into rural living and life on the farm. At the Animal Village, you will encounter various animals such as hares, goats, alpacas and mini ponies. In the riding arena, you can hop on horseback yourself and cuddle the five mini-Shetland ponies - Sneakers, Twix, Viola, Sunny and Fuchsi. Children are always excited when Adi Burgstaller takes them on a tractor ride and little ones always enjoy helping with the potato harvest, collecting berries and picking apples and pears from the trees. Of course, the little ones can eagerly help us on the farm – your child will be so proud if it can join the daily work on the farm!

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