Nachspeise und Aperitif
Good food from nature.
Enjoy nature
& healthy living.
Regional. Fresh. Natural. Delicious.

Farmhouse cuisine at the Familiengut.

Indulgence at the Familiengut Burgstaller means preparing refined dishes from fresh, high-quality and regional ingredients and pampering our guests with tasty treats. Natural indulgence, healthy indulgence – from nature to you. Authentic treats – unrefined.

Our farmhouse cuisine contains only top-quality ingredients from nature. Freshly harvested from our own farmyard and herb garden and from our own sustainably managed farm. Or sourced from regional suppliers whom we know personally. The best ingredients from the lake & mountains. Carefully and lovingly prepared by our kitchen team to create traditional dishes with a light, Mediterranean freshness. For a full, healthy and exceptional flavour experience – a long-lasting memory.

From breakfast to evening meal, we treat guests of all ages to the very best from nature as part of our Familiengut ¾-board pamper package. Whatever we can harvest ourselves is sourced directly from our garden and field; everything else comes from nearby and from high-quality suppliers in the Alpe-Adria region. The evening menu, served by our friendly and attentive service team, is always special and popular among gourmets. Delicious Carinthian specialities are served up alongside international delights. An exquisite glass of Austrian quality wine completes this indulgence at the Familiengut.

Ice cream variation
Restaurant at Familiengut
Close up of lettuce heads
Time for indulgence.

10 Gourmet insight into the farmhouse cuisine.

  • Excellent gourmet cuisine
  • We cook with great passion and flavour
  • Breakfast and lunch buffet
  • Evening cuisine for gourmets
  • The best from the lake & mountains meets Mediterranean indulgence
  • Vegetables, salads, herbs from our own garden
  • Lots of regional suppliers
  • Fine wines from Austria
  • garden terrace and lounge area
Living from nature.
Burgstaller gourmet world.
High-quality. Close to nature. Indulgent.
Selected dishes in the Familiengut
Tortellini variation
Choice of different dishes
Good food from the farm.

The Familiengut ¾-board pamper package.

A day at the Familiengut starts with our generous and indulgent breakfast with plenty of fresh and regional products from nature. At lunchtime, a delicious and varied lunch buffet awaits guests. In the evening, the creative and delicious evening menu is sure to impress gourmets of all ages. Regionality, product origins and quality are the fundamental pillars of our farm cuisine along with the creativity, joy and passion we invest in its preparation and our exceptional, friendly service. Enjoy our Familiengut ¾-board pamper package in the restaurant or out in the fresh air on the garden terrace!

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