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Regional, sustainable
& high-quality.
Regional. Species-appropriate. Sustainable. High-quality.

Good food from the region.

At the Familiengut Burgstaller in Döbriach, we harvest our own farm garden, herb garden and potato fields as much as we can. Anything we cannot produce ourselves, we source from regional suppliers in Carinthia and the Alpe-Adria region, representing the highest quality and sustainability. From delicious cheese products to fresh fish and meat.

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Wide range of flavours.

Regional suppliers.

Our ¾-board Familiengut package is primarily characterised by our focus on regional, seasonal and high-quality products sourced from sustainable farming and production. From our own farmyard with its vegetable garden, herb garden, fruit trees and farm with potato fields – to our regional suppliers. As such, we support producers in the area, maintain the diversity of food in the region and keep delivery routes as short as possible.

When it comes to exotic fruit and seafood from the Alpe-Adria region and beyond, our motto is always: as near as possible and the best available. In this way, we can guarantee the freshness and high quality of our farm cuisine. For an unmistakeable, natural flavour.

Two sheep
Fresh meat.

Fish & meat from Carinthia.

At the Familiengut Burgstaller, we are proud of breeding our own Murboden cattle. The majority of the meat used in our farm cuisine comes from high-quality suppliers in the region directly around Lake Millstatt and Carinthia. We source chicken, mutton and pork from ‘Nockfleisch’ which exclusively sells meat from Carinthian farmers. We obtain game meat every season from local hunters and regional hunting grounds – from venison and chamois to quality red deer. Freshly caught fish, fillets and smoked products are acquired from the ‘Kärnten Fisch’ quality fish breeder in Feld am See and directly from Lake Millstatt: such as the tasty whitefish, freshly caught from local anglers.

Dairy products.

Eggs & cheese from the region.

When it comes to dairy products, at the Familiengut Burgstaller we also insist that they are sourced from as close to Döbriach as possible, incorporating species-appropriate animal husbandry – with quality and freshness guaranteed. Our eggs are laid by happy free-range hens at the Bauernhof Marktl farm in Gnesau, a family business renowned for its species-appropriate animal welfare and modern farm management with the latest technology.

We acquire cheese from the Kaslab’n Nockberge in Radentheim – a business which represents high quality and seasonality. Delicious cheese is made here from high quality organic cow and goat’s milk. Our guests can therefore rest assured that our farmhouse cuisine is based on only the very best – and you can savour the best. Ask now for your pleasurable holiday.