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The Familiengut Burgstaller.is located in the middle of the peaceful and idyllic natural and hiking destination of Döbriach, close to the Lake Millstatt - from the beginning a farmhouse with agriculture and forestry and today also a cosy 4* Hotel. For 550 years, we have been committed to tradition and sustainability, which is rooted in the present - with an alert gaze to the future.

Since the very beginning, we have lived to the rhythm of nature at the Familiengut Burgstaller on Lake Millstatt. Around the hotel, in the 30,000 m² garden, everything is oriented around this valuable interaction. This applies to our farm, agriculture and forestry, the adventure horse farm and the animal village. It also applies to our focus on regionality, the harvesting of our own products from our vegetable and herb garden and potato fields, supplemented by ingredients from local suppliers and goods from the Alpe-Adria region.

At the Familiengut, we produce what we can ourselves. Just as our ancestors, at the Familiengut, we cultivate the fields and woods ourselves, feed our animals with our own hay and our Murbodner cattle traditionally come to the Burgstaller alpine pasture in summer. Furthermore, we operate our own heating plant and produce our own energy with our power station. This not only makes us less dependent, but means we are look towards the future - for a better, sustainable world. For us it is very clear: Those who appreciate nature also protect it and as a result, increase the quality of life - and the holiday quality of our guests - to a great extent.

Pear treeWoman takes vegetables from the garden

Goodness from nearby.

For us, at the Familiengut Burgstaller, the best comes from close by - namely from nature, from the region and from sustainable cultivation. In our 30,000 m² garden, you can find a farmer's garden with a wide variety of vegetables and fruit, a berry tasting garden and potato fields. All around us it blossoms and flourishes, a constant coming and going, growing and wilting, throughout the course of the seasons. Our guests can directly track where the ingredients of our gourmet menu, as part of the Burgstaller ¾-Gourmet Board, come from. What we can't harvest ourselves, we source from regional suppliers or from the Alpe-Adria region. Freshness, quality, and sustainability are therefore always guaranteed. Because that's what we stand for.

Man feeds cowsHerd of cows
In the barn.

Farm & Animals

At the Familiengut Burgstaller, a life with nature is also a life with animals. Our animals at the adventure horse farm, animal village and on the farm are part of the family: Hens, rabbits, alpacas, pygmy ponies, guinea pigs, goats, sheep, pigs, horses and our Murbodner cattle frolic around there - looked after lovingly, carefully and humanely by us, with plenty of free running and fresh air.

We harvest the hay from our own fields, which our animals can then enjoy. Our cattle look forward to their trip to their summer residence, the Burgstaller Alm, each year. Even much smaller creatures are part of our farm: Bumblebee flowers and the bee meadow ensure that the precious, hard-working insects feel comfortable and safe and we can therefore effectively and sustainably prevent bee mortality.

Man controls display of a machineMan controls display of a machine

Sustainable management.

We think about tomorrow. This also means protecting and preserving the nature, which gives us so much: Forest, alpine pasture, fields, meadows. At the Familiengut Burgstaller, we therefore manage our agriculture and forestry according to ecological standards and use sustainable heating with our own wood chip heating system throughout the estate.  The wood for this, comes from our own forest, where we plant between 500 and 1,000 new trees each year. Energy, which grows back. Speaking of energy: We also generate the majority of our electricity demand ourselves from our power station using hydro power. The energy revolution, which is taking place slowly in the world, is thus already almost a reality on the family farm, as in the future, we will generate all of our own electricity using the combination of wood-fired electricity generation and photovoltaic systems.

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