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Tradition & Sustainability
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The Familiengut Burgstaller.is located in the middle of the peaceful and idyllic natural and hiking destination of Döbriach, close to the Lake Millstatt - from the beginning a farmhouse with agriculture and forestry and today also a cosy 4* Hotel. For 550 years, we have been committed to tradition and sustainability, which is rooted in the present - with an alert gaze to the future.

Flower garden
At the estate.

Sustainability for your holiday.

  • 2 e-charging stations for our guests with e-cars
  • 10 e-bikes for hire + 10 mountain bikes
  • Car-free arrival with our transfer service from the train station
  • Our cleaning products are biodegradable and from certified suppliers.
  • We don't just reduce waste, we avoid it! Wherever we can, we use reusable packaging, bulk packaging and use as little plastic as possible!
  • More mindfulness for people, animals and nature in the horse adventure farm, in the village of animals or in free-range husbandry on the farm.
Pear treeWoman takes vegetables from the garden
In the garden.

Goodness from the very nearby.

For us, at the Familiengut Burgstaller, the best comes from close by - namely from nature, from the region and from sustainable cultivation. In our 30,000 m² garden, which we tend with much love and care, you will find a farmer's garden with a wide variety of vegetables and fruit, a berry snack garden and potato fields.

All around us it blossoms and flourishes, a constant coming and going, growing and wilting, throughout the course of the seasons.

Old bench in front of house wallClose-up of a lettuce plantation
Regional. Seasonal. Local

Partners from the region.

If we are unable to harvest or produce something ourselves, we work as closely as possible with suppliers, food producers, craftsmen and partners from the region and the Alpe-Adria region. Freshness, quality and sustainability are always guaranteed, because that's what we stand for!

Man feeds cowsHerd of cows
In the barn.

Farm & Animals.

For us at Familiengut Burgstaller, living with nature also means living with animals. Our animals in the horse adventure farm, in the village of animals and on the farm are an integral part of this: Chickens, rabbits, alpacas, dwarf ponies, guinea pigs, goats, sheep, pigs and horses. We harvest the hay from our own fields for our animals to enjoy.

Our Murbodner cattle enjoy a species-appropriate alpine pasture and look forward to travelling to their summer home, the Burgstaller-Alm, every summer. In this way, we ensure a mixed forest culture instead of a monoculture, which in turn ensures peace and tranquillity for people.

Man controls display of a machineMan controls display of a machine

Sustainable management.

We think about tomorrow and that also means protecting and preserving the nature that gives us so much: Forests, pastures, fields and meadows. At the Burgstaller family estate, we therefore manage our agriculture and forestry according to ecological standards. In our organic heating plant with wood chip system, we provide cosy warmth throughout the entire estate. The wood for this comes from our own forest. Energy that grows back.

Speaking of energy: we also generate the majority of our electricity requirements ourselves through our own hydroelectric power plant. This results in an impressive annual output of over 420,000 kW. With our 99 m² photovoltaic system, the energy revolution, which is only slowly taking place in the world, is becoming a reality on the family estate.

Flowers bloom in springFlowering branch of a fruit tree
In the nature.

Long-term stability

Sustainability has been at the heart of what we do for years. That's why we plant over 1000 trees each in April and May. Our motto is:

“Plant trees instead of sticking them on roads”

All our hard-working helpers will of course be rewarded with a tasty breakfast and a delicious dinner. Dates for 2025 on request!

Much smaller creatures are also part of our estate: the bumblebee flowers and our bee meadow within the organic strip ensure that the valuable, industrious insects feel comfortable and safe, thus effectively and sustainably counteracting bee mortality.

Your 3 hearts

Farmers - Foresters - Innkeepers

– Sustainability is our tradition. Since 1475.