Flower garden
From the garden and fields.
Bloom, grow
& prosper.
Regional. Seasonal. Sustainable. Fresh.

Good food from the farm.

Harvest, pluck, pull from the ground, wash and carefully prepare. At the Familiengut Burgstaller by Lake Millstatt, we follow ecologically sustainable farming methods, wherever we can. Over the constant changing of the seasons, we obtain fresh and high-quality fruits and vegetables as well as herbs directly from our own garden and field. From nature – to your plate. Direct.

Salad plantation

Our vegetable varieties.

Our farm garden at the Familiengut Burgstaller is a real natural treasure-trove of healthy, crispy, fresh and pure fruit and vegetables of the highest quality. Based on centuries of tried-and-tested tradition, our 30,000 m² gardens are a growing ground for mildly sour rhubarb, fresh salad, crispy cucumber, sharp radishes, sweet carrots and many more vegetable varieties of the season. The vegetables are harvested fresh here every day – the finest ingredients for our farmhouse cuisine. In the morning, you can admire the vegetables in the farm’s gardens and in the evening, you can savour their flavour. Regional origins which you can trace straight back to nature.

Apple treeBeautifully served dessert
For snacking.

Fruit trees at the farm.

Alongside the vegetable varieties, our farmhouse garden is also dotted with various fruit trees which are particularly popular among young guess (and older guests too, of course!) Our fruit trees often bear a hefty yield of plump apricots, soft peaches, fleshy plums, juicy pears and rosy apples. During a walk between the gnarly trees and shaggy bushes, you can reach for a low-hanging fruit for a moment of sweetness! Snackers of all ages will feel at home in our new snack garden among the raspberries, currants and strawberries. The best on-the-go snack there is!


From the herb garden.

Our beautiful and carefully farmed and cultivated herb garden can be found alongside the protective wall of the Familiengut Burgstaller. A wide range of herbs grow between the hand-made stone walls, which serve as an ideal heat store for our herbs. The herbs are a regular feature in our farmhouse cuisine and play a leading role as a delicious refinement to our dishes - either pure, in the form of mixed herbs or in herbal vinegars and oils:

Oregano, thyme, parsley, chives, sage, lavender, lemon balm, mint and many more flourish here in the mild Mediterranean climate of Lake Millstatt. The scent of these herbs alone is a tonic for the soul – take a seat on our ‘bench’ and take some deep breaths in and out.


Naturally good.

From nature to us.

At the Familiengut Burgstalle, we place particular importance on fresh and healthy cuisine which is created from sustainably farmed, high-quality ingredients. Nothing is better than to harvest produce from your own garden or fields and then to transform the fruits of your labour into some delicious dishes. Natural indulgence, through and through. Convince yourself of it and inquire now about a stay on our farm.

Quality for us does not mean that the fruit has to look perfect. On the contrary. Every fruit or vegetable variety grows and becomes what it is, without any assistance from us. We do not spray or add anything to our produce. It is pure flavour. Pure indulgence. Every fruit is unique. No fruit is too bent, big, small, wrinkly or flecked. Whatever nature gives us, we are thankful for. For us, it’s all the very best.