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Nature & the land.
Working in
& with nature.
Field. Garden. Meadow. Pasture. Forest.

Our own farm.

At the Familiengut Burgstaller, we are not just passionate hoteliers – we are also passionate farmers. Our 30,000 m² garden includes its own farm with a farmyard, potato fields, meadows, forests and the Burgstaller Alm. Murboden cattle feel at home with us and enjoy their ‘summer residence’ in the mountains and we provide our own animals with our own hay.

Salad plantation

Farmyard with farming.

A farm is a large operation in which a great deal of work is invested – and from which you also gain a lot. It involves work with and in nature, through the changing of the seasons. Honest work, sometimes hard but it makes you happy. You are outside, in the fresh air, with the animals, in the forest and in the fields. Or up in the meadow. We cultivate our ground and plot ourselves, provide our animals with our own hay and harvest fruit and vegetables from our own fruit trees, potato fields, herb garden and vegetable garden. We also operate our own heating plant in the interests of sustainability and generate our own power. Each year we plant 500 to 1,000 trees to aid the afforestation of our own forests.

Herd of cows on alp
Barn & meadow.

Murboden cattle breeding.

Our farm and farmyard also include a large barn which is home to our Murboden cattle. When it is cooler, in autumn and winter, they live with us in the valley. Like the other animals from the Animal Village and the Adventure Horse Farm, they feed on the quality and freshly harvested hay from our own fields. Then when the temperatures rise again and summer arrives, we drive our cattle up to the Burgstaller Alm, their beautiful summer residence for the next five months. Up there, they can enjoy the clean fresh air and munch on Alpine herbs.


Our sustainability principle.

Our farming at the Familiengut is dedicated entirely to the principle of sustainability and to ecologically-friendly working with, in and from nature. We farm sustainably, without artificial additives and we ensure that we harvest whatever we can ourselves. From our vegetable and herb garden to the fruit trees and potato fields.

We generate our own power and have our own heating network. The forests are also a key concern for us because trees are crucial to maintaining ecological balance. To promote the tree population in the region, we plant between 500 and 1,000 new trees on our soil and premises each year.

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