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Key facts in
Familiengut Burgstaller.

To make your holiday in Döbriach as relaxing and pleasant as possible, we have compiled an A-Z of the most important information for you about Familiengut Burgstaller for your stay here with us at Lake Millstatt. You can get in touch with us at any time should you have any questions about your holiday here with us!

A: Agriculture

Nature, field, land, Alpine pasture, forest.
Here at Familiengut we run an active and species-appropriate farm. Murboden cattle are raised here – the calves stay with their mothers. The cattle, over 20 in number, spend the summer on our Alpine pasture to then return to the stalls here at the farm towards the end of October.

B: Babyfood - Breakfast
Baby food

For small bottles
Should you require hot milk or hot water for a small bottle, our service staff are happy to provide this too.

Baby package

Everything for our little guests
Enquire at Reception about cots, baby linen, nappy changing facilities, nappy pail, potties, WC facilities, footstools, high chairs, children's cutlery, kettles and buggies for your little ones.


  1. Please give Reception your mobile number.
  2. Lift the receiver on your room phone and dial 99. A recorded message will confirm your baby monitor is activated. Important information: please do not replace the receiver, but position it next to the monitor. Should your child start crying, you will receive a call to the mobile phone you have registered.
  3. When you return to your room, please replace the receiver. This will then deactivate the baby monitor.
  4. To reactivate, dial 99 again.


Baby monitor

Always connected with baby
Our free baby monitors work via your room phone. These are linked to your mobile, which means you can move about freely and are not restricted to the transmission range of a standard baby monitor.


The social place
Our bar, which has a lovely selection of exclusive wines and spirits, short and long drinks, is open daily until 24:00.

Bathing beach

Taste the lake air
Guests of our hotel enjoy free entry to  bathing beach at Lake Millstatt. Please collect the bathing cards at Reception.

Bathing robe

Wellness clothing in the Familiengut
Bathing robes, for adults are available free of charge at Reception or from your chambermaid. Please return bathing robes to Reception on the day you are due to depart. Thank-you.

Bike hire

Out and about on two wheels
We hire out city bikes and mountain bikes, complete with a bike lock,

E-bikes are also available from us – register for one the day before at Reception:
½ day from € 22.00
Full day from € 33.00


Start your day
Enjoy a great start to your day – with our buffet breakfast, you can help yourself to whatever you would like from 07:30 to 10:00.

D: Day Spa
Day Spa at the Familiengut Burgstaller

There is plenty of space for relaxation at the Familiengut. For example, for a day spa with friends or after an extensive bike or hiking tour. Find out more HERE.

C: Cancellation conditions - cuisine
Cancellation conditions
  • Cancellation is free of charge up to 30 days before arrival. The deposit will be refunded.
  • 30 days to 7 days before arrival we charge 70 % of the total package price.
  • 6 days to 1 day before arrival we charge 90 % of the total arrangement price.
  • In the event of cancellation at short notice, late arrival, no-show or early departure, 100% of the package price will be charged.
  • The general cancellation conditions according to apply.
We recommend taking out travel insurance with the Europäischen Reiseversicherung. We will happily also inform you about all the cancellation conditions in our reservation correspondence. Let's simply stay in touch - we will find a good solution for all possibilities.
Car parking

Space for your car
The hotel's own car park is located at the farm building. Please do not park outside the hotel. This area is reserved for service vehicles (fire, rescue) in the event of an incident.

Children's supervision

Lovingly taken care of
Supervision for children aged 3 and over for 5 days a week is included in the price, and provides plenty of fun, games and variety. The weekly programme is flexibly arranged and tailored to suit the ages of the children staying in the hotel. Details of the children's programme as per information at reception. Changes are possible. Programme items may be cancelled due to changes or training. Childcare available from April to the end of October and from December to Easter.


Smoking at Familiengut
A variety of brands are available at our hotel bar (fee payable).

Credit cards

Cash-free payment methods
Your room bill can be paid with Visa-, Master- and Eurocards, debit/EC cards. (Daily from 08:00 to 18:00!)


Regional gourmet cuisine
Our farmhouse style, traditional Alpe-Adria cuisine provides you with culinary experiences that will fill you with joy and are great for your health too. So much of our food comes fresh from the field, from the herb garden and orchard, and from our own farm. Where possible, we avail of local producers and use regional produce.

D: Dentist - Drinks

Dental care during your holiday

Dr. Kaspitz, Hauptstraße 58, 9545 Radenthein, Tel. +43 6763157208
Dr. Greiner, Hauptstraße 4, 9545 Radenthein, Tel. +43 4246 3141


Leaving Familiengut Burgstaller
we would be grateful if you could vacate your room by 10:00 on the day you are due to depart, and settle your bill at Reception.


Medical care on site

Dr. Langore, Hauptstraße 56, 9545 Radenthein, Tel. +43 4246 5000
Dr. Usejni, Villacher Straße 18, 9545 Radenthein, Tel. +43 4246 2059
Dr. Lampel, Neue Heimat 27, 9545 Radenthein, Tel. +43 4246 290190


Great drinks
We would ask that you check and sign all drinks and other food receipts at Reception the following day. These receipts will then be added to your room bill. Please note that complaints regarding receipts that have not been signed CANNOT be taken into consideration.

E: Evening Meal
Evening meal

Regional delectation in Familiengut
Between 18:00 and 20:00 our kitchen team provide indulgence, with delicious treats from Alpe-Adria's traditional farmhouse cuisine. Many of the ingredients are from our own farm, our own vegetable, herb, fruit and berry gardens. What we don't grow ourselves, we get from high-quality suppliers in Carinthia and the Alpe-Adria region.

F: Farm - Football

Where the focus is on the animals
The 'animal village' is home to our guinea pigs, rabbits, goats, sheep, alpacas, mini-ponies and hens, and is a favourite place for so many children. Feeding, stroking, grooming is so much fun. Integrated into the 'animal village' is the children's garden which has sweet berries, crisp vegetables and other edible temptations.

Fitness room

Strength & endurance during a holiday
Our small, perfectly formed fitness room provides direct access to the garden and is open daily for our guests.

Food intolerances

Special dietary requirements
Please let Reception know as early as possible about any allergies or food intolerances you have


Fun & games in the garden
Football is played a great deal here in the Familiengut. Balls are available in the Kids' Club and at Reception.

G: Getting there - Green-fee discount
Getting here

Getting to Familiengut Burgstaller
Your room is available for you from 15:00 on the day you are due to arrive.


Tee-off with a lake panorama
A 15 minute drive from Familiengut Burgstaller is the 18-hole Millstatt golf facility. As the founder hotel of the golf course, with us there are numerous golf benefits to enjoy while you are on holiday.


Golf taster session

Your first time on the green
On Mondays, a golf taster session takes place at Millstatt golf facility:
From may 2023 till season closing 17:00 till 18:00
Please register at Reception by Sunday 14:00 (contribution towards costs: € 8.00 per person)


Green-fee discount

Golf benefits at Familiengut
On the 18-hole Millstatt golf course and on the 18-hole Bad Kleinkirchheim golf course you enjoy a 20% green fee discount. When booking, just say you are staying with us.


Golf lessons

Improve your handicap
Golf pro Paul Thompson helps you with those first 'swings', and is happy to help you improve your handicap. 

Lake Millstatt
H: Hiking - Hydro-Jet

Out and about in the mountains
We are a 'Wanderhotel' and offer weekly guided hikes. Further details are available at Reception or you can read about them in the morning newsletter. Hire of hiking maps, rucksacks and hiking poles is available free of charge at Reception.


Enjoy heavenly pampering during your holiday
Our 'Himmelreich' is situated on the 3rd floor and can be accessed from the sauna direct via the lift. It is a place of relaxation, with a salt lounge, library, tea bar and a Celtic tree circle. Enjoy the tranquillity, let your senses wander and feel nature in a totally new way. Relax during massages, body and facial treatments, as well as manicures (fee payable). Arrange an appointment for the well-being treatments you would like at our Reception.


On horse-back during a holiday – this is possible in Familiengut Burgstaller! Riding sessions are available for children and adults, beginners and experts, at the longe area or in the riding hall, please arrange these direct with our riding instructor at the stables. We politely ask you NOT to enter the hotel and rooms while wearing riding boots. Thank you for leaving them in the garage, opposite the hotel entrance.

Hydro-Jet – 'above water' massage in the 'Himmelreich'

The power of water to relax

  • Relaxing full or partial body massage using targeted water power
  • Fully clothed – no need to change or shower afterwards
  • Straightforward method

~ 20 min. | € 12,00

I: Inclusive services - Indoor pool
Inclusive services

All-round holiday joy for our guests
As a special service for our guests, we offer the following inclusive services as part of our standard half-board package:

  • Buffet breakfast (daily from 07:30 to 10:00)
  • Lunch snack (daily from 12:00 to 13:30) - arrival and departure day not included
  • Self-service children's juice bar in the kids club
  • Kids full board in the kids club
  • Evening meals (daily from 18:30 to 20:00)

 No reimbursement for inclusive services that are not availed of.

Indoor pool

Splashing around in the "Badewandl"
The indoor children´s pool "Badewandl" is located in the basement of the hotel and is open daily from 8:00 to 20:00. Temperature: 30° C, depth: 60 cm.

We ask parents not to leave children unattended in the indoor pool.
Outside the children's club there is no supervision by our child carers.
Non-swimmers and unsupervised children are not allowed in the indoor pool.

K: Key - Kids get together

Your room key for Familiengut Burgstaller
You can collect your room key yourself from the key compartment at Reception. Your room key also locks the hotel doors. If you are going out in the evening and returning after 22:00, we would ask that you take your key with you, since the entrance doors will be closed at night-time.

Kids' get-together

Lunch & dinner in the kids club
At 12:00 in the morning and at 18:00 in the evening, the Burgstaller's kids get-together is held. Your children dine together with our child supervisors. We would ask you to register in the Kids' Club in advance. Children may of course dine at your table and help themselves to food from the children's buffet.

L: Late Check-out - Lost and found
Late check-out

Later departure
You can enquire about late check-out at Reception and ascertain if this is possible for your room. 

Laundry cleaning

Clean clothes for your holiday
Should you have any laundry, please give it to your chambermaid or hand it in to Reception (cost depends on the amount).

Lost and found items

Sought - found
Should you have lost something in the hotel, please get in touch with our Reception staff. If you find an(y) item(s), we would be delighted if you could had it/them in to Reception.

Lunch snack

For the snack in between
A small snack is available daily from 12:00 to 13:30 on our dining room terrace as a special service included in the price. Times are subject to change! On the arrival and departure day not included.

M: Massage & Cosmetics - Mini-golf
Massage & Cosmetics

Well-being from head to toe
Organise your preferred appointment time for massages and cosmetics treatments at Reception.


The little version of golf
A 12-hole mini-golf course is now available for you in our garden. Clubs and balls are available at Reception. Our guests can use the minigolf course free of charge at any time.

N: Non-Smokers

Smoke-free in the Familiengut
Thank you for refraining from smoking in the restaurant area and in the bed/rooms.

O: Outdoor pool - OPENING HOURS
Outdoor pool

Swimming out in the open, beneath the sky
Our wood-heated pool (approx. 28° C) is open daily from 08:00 to 20:00.
We would ask parents not to leave children unattended in the pool area.
Our child supervisors do not provide supervision outside the children's club area.

Opening hours

Reception (Info core hours and check-out times):

Daily from 08:00 to 18:00

If you have any questions outside these hours, please do not hesitate to contact us. We kindly ask you to stick to the information times as far as possible.

¾ Pampering board:

Breakfast: 7:30 to 10:30

Lunch: 12:00 to 13:30

Dinner: 18:00 to 20:00

Garden Lounge:

Open from 10:00 to 23:00

Bistro menu from 12:00 to 17:00

Bar & Bistro:

Open daily from 10:00 to 24:00

Bistro menu from 12:00 to 17:00

Sauna area:

Daily from 15:00 to 19:00

In case of bad weather we open earlier if necessary. On request and for an additional charge: good morning & evening sauna exclusive.


Daily from 08:00 to 19:00

Beauty treatments and massage treatments on request!


Daily from 8:00 to 22:00

Mini Golf:

Daily from 08:00 to 20:00

Animal Village:

Daily from 10:00 to 20:00

Riding stable:

Daily from 08:00 to 17:00

Riding lessons by appointment with our riding instructor Lydia.

Monday day off in the main season!

Tennis court:

Daily from 08:00 to 20:00

Fireplace and hunter's parlour:

Relaxation and quiet zone without service. Here you have time, space and peace. Should you nevertheless wish to order something, please feel free to contact our Bar & Bistro team.

Familiengut Parties & Celebrations:

On request, when possible - we will be happy to inform you personally.

Familiengut A la Carte Restaurant:

Only subject to availability and advance reservation - we will be happy to inform you.


Animal companions in Familiengut Burgstaller
Your 'animal companion' is of course welcome here (except in the restaurant and wellness area). Cost € 15.00 per night; feed not included.


Medical provisions during your holiday
Paracelsus-Apotheke, Paracelsusstraße 2, 9545 Radenthein, Tel. +43 4246 20550
The pharmacy in Döbriach (diagonally opposite) is open during the months of July and August. Opening hours according to the information on site.


Play area

Fun & games in the garden
Our 30,000 m² garden at Familiengut Burgstaller provides children with plenty of space to play and run about in. Our play area has lots of play equipment and is located right outside the café terrace.

Pony rides

Little horses for little guests
Pony rides (supervised, and always while wearing a riding helmet, for children up to the age of 6/7) are a key element of our children's programme. Riding helmets are available free of charge in the stables. We politely ask you NOT to enter the hotel and rooms while wearing riding boots. Please take these off in the garage, opposite the hotel entrance.

Post box

Post from your holiday
Hand in your stamped letters and postcards to Reception. Stamps are also available at Reception.

Tree crown

Welcoming & ready to help
Our staff at Reception are happy to see to all your needs and will help you out at any time should you have any questions. Just drop by or dial 15 from your room phone. Reception is staffed from 08:00 to 18:00.

Sauna area & Vitality garden

Beneficial warmth
The sauna area is available free of charge!

Open during the day for families and from 16:00 for adults and children aged 16 and over. We are happy to switch the sauna on earlier. Please let reception know a good half hour in advance. 

In our region it is standard practice to use the sauna unclothed. Should you prefer to wear swim attire, you can reserve a session outside the regular open hours.


Riding boots, hiking shoes & tennis shoes
We politely ask you NOT to enter the hotel and rooms while wearing riding boots, hiking shoes or tennis shoes, but to take them off and carry them in with you. Thank you.

Shopping options

Go shopping in the surrounding area
In the town of Döbriach there are a number of shops, including a grocery store (Spar market), a tobacconists, show shop and bank.



Internal & external calls
For internal calls, choose the room number you want; for external calls, dial 0 first, followed by the number you want to call.

Internal hotel numbers
Reception 15
Café/Bar 42
Massage/Cosmetics 43

Emergency number
Fire 122
Police 133
Rescue 144 

Country dialling codes
Austria +43
Germany +49
Slovenia +386
France +33
Switzerland +41
Netherlands +31
Denmark +45
Belgium +32
Slovakia +421
Croatia +385
Hungary +36
Poland +48
Czech Republic +420
Italy +39
Spain +34



Hotel's two tennis courts
Our 2 clay courts are available for you to use free of charge. Please enter your tennis session times into the reservation timetable at Reception. Thank-you for keeping to your session time. We politely ask you NOT to enter the hotel and rooms while wearing tennis shoes.

Would you like to take professional tennis lessons? Make an appointment directly with our tennis coach Markus Reicher at



Television in your room
All the radio stations and TV programmes that are available can be food in your room information pack.

W: Wake-up call - WIFI

Wake-up call

Morning wake-up
Your room telephone has an automatic wake-up call facility:

  1. Lift the receiver
  2. Dial 77
  3. Enter the wake-up time you want in a four-digit, 24-hour format (e.g. 0700)
  4. Press #
  5. You will then hear a confirmation of your wake-up time entry



Wireless Internet
The hotel's own WLAN is available for you free of charge.
The password is: Familiengut